Meet Your Hosts!

“Low-Carb Conversations” is a health podcast unlike any other you have ever heard before. It’s a show that airs on Fridays and takes a critical look at all the latest health headlines and features personal commentary from people who comprise the low-carb and Paleo communities. These special guest “friends” help round out a panel of opinion-makers who share thought-provoking insights and analysis on the news of the day through the lens of healthy low-carb living. Let’s meet the co-hosts of the show:

Leah Williamson

Leah Williamson, Co-Host of Low-Carb ConversationsLeah Williamson is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Co-Host of the Low Carb Conversations podcast, a real food advocate, and the founder of Brisbane Paleo Group.  She resides in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two children.
All her life she has struggled with weight and health issues, digestive issues, extreme fatigue and fluctuating moods.  In her early twenties she was diagnosed with Hashimotos an autoimmune condition and thought this would be the answer to her health issues but infact it was not and her symptoms continued to get worse.   After the birth of her son, she gained a significant amount of weight, had no energy and did not feel like herself anymore. She discovered Paleo and a real food approach to eating and went on to loose 30kg and never felt better. She started a community meetup group of like minded people following the paleo lifestyle to help support, encourage and motivate each other on their real food journey.  The group was so well recieved that there is now over 1000 members and similar groups being created around Australia and New Zealand.
She runs an active facebook page called Brisbane Paleo Family   to help inspire others with meal ideas for busy people.  Her philosophy is that if a busy mum with 2 children, a husband that works away me, works part time and runs a large community group can do this then she believes anyone can.  Her mission is to help people reconnect back with their kitchen.

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Kara Halderman
I’m Kara Halderman, born and raised a Texas gal turned nutrition nut. All my life I was fed the standard American Diet, and boy did it show. As an infant I caught persistent strep throat; as a teen a gnarly case of mono almost kicked me out of high school; and I popped antibiotics like candy. My favorite foods were bread, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets and all things sugar. Getting older, problems escalated. I developed 30 ulcers in my small intestine that completely withdrew me from social life, family life and even college. At 19 I moved back home from University to live with my parents, saw doctor after doctor and prayed for an answer. After failed attempts by the medical field, I stumbled upon the paleo diet. Within 3 months adopting this lifestyle and working with a naturopathic doctor, I was on the road to serious recovery.


Fast forwards three years later, I’m now 21 and feeling more alive than ever! My true passion is educating young folks just like me about proper nutrition, because feeling sick is NOT normal. This approach led me to the Nutritional Therapy Association where I will graduate in June 2017 as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and begin my own practice. Aside from school and the podcast I run a paleo food blog and work alongside Austin’s first paleo inspired restaurant. You can find my blog at, on Instagram @kara_boutit and my Facebook page Kara Halderman.