10: Nick Peterson And Laura Dolson Continue The 2011 Low-Carb Cruise Gabfest

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Hello and welcome back to another dose of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends! Today we have another great conversation from the 2011 Low-Carb Cruise and joining Jimmy and Mindy are long-time low-carbers Nick Peterson and About.com’s Low-Carb Diets Guide Laura Dolson. Listen in as they discuss listener’s question about the South Beach diet, baking yummy low-carb cookies, and much, much more!

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Nick Peterson’s Cookie recipe:

Low Carb Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cups

I make my own homemade chocolate from coconut oil. The process and ingredients is fairly simple. You can use this chocolate to make chocolate bars, chocolate nut bark, and peanut butter cups. I usually make up a large batch, so I can make some of each out of the same batch.

To make the chocolate, start off with a quality coconut oil. I use Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. You are going to mix the ingredients in a double boiler or something similar. You don’t want to place ingredients directly into a pan that is over an open flame. I take a pan of water and heat it up. Then, I place a large glass bowl over the open pan of hot water. The steam and hot water keep the boil warm without burning the ingredients.

1 cup of Coconut Oil
1 cup of Cocoa Powder
3/4 cup of artificial sugar/sweetener*** (add more to sweeten to your own personal taste)
Pinch of salt.

*** – You can use your own preferred artificial sweetener. I use Stevia, Splenda or Sweet Perfection. If you have not used Sweet Perfection, then look them up on-line at http://www.lowcarbspecialties.com/sweet_perfection.html. I actually blend a couple of sweeteners together for my own personal mix. I use about 50% of Sweet Perfection (which is more of a fiber), and add about 30% Stevia in the Raw, and then finally add a little Splenda until it is sweet enough. My own taste, Splenda is the sweetest of the three, so I add a little more Splenda to keep the sweetness to own personal taste.

I also add a couple scoops of Benefiber (to give my chocolate a little bonus fiber….you don’t have to do this…but I like the extra fiber, and it does not impact the taste or texture).

Again, you can vary the amount to make as much or as little as you want. I usually make at batch that makes about 1.5 to 2 cups each time.

After all of the ingredients are together, make sure that you keep stirring them together. The coconut oil will separate out if you don’t keep stirring.

To make bars: – Simply pour some of the chocolate in a small, shallow pan and place in the refrigerator. After it cools, cut to the size you want.

To make nut bars: – Cut up your favorite nuts and place in a shallow pan. Pour the chocolate over the nuts, and place in the refrigerator.

To make peanut butter cups: – Buy one or two of the small muffin tins. Place the muffin tray in the freezer for a couple of minutes to cool it down (this helps the chocolate set up faster). Pull the pan out of the freezer, and fill each muffin slot about 40% full of chocolate (should be about 1 tsp). Place tin back in freezer and let it sit for about 2 minutes (continue to stir chocolate as you wait). Pull the tin out, and place one teaspoon of natural peanut butter on top of each chocolate slot. After placing peanut butter on top of each muffin slot, fill the remainder of the slot with chocolate, and place the entire tin in the refrigerator.

With the peanut butter cups, you are basically building a sandwich, with two layers of chocolate and peanut butter in between. If you don’t chill the chocolate in the first step, the peanut butter will sink through the chocolate and will not form up properly. After the peanut butter cups are cooled, you can use a spoon to pop the cups out of the muffin tin. I keep the cups in the tin in the refrigerator until I am ready to eat them, and pop them out one at a time. They seem to last longer that way.

To make Chocolate Covered Strawberries: – You can also dip fresh strawberries in the chocolate mix, and then place in the refrigerator. This chocolate can be a little “lumpy” when you use it in this fashion. It will not look great, but it will definitely taste great!

CAUTON: The primary ingredient in this chocolate is coconut oil, which becomes a liquid at 78 degrees. Therefore, all of these recipes above MUST BE KEPT IN THE REFRIGERATOR. If you place this out at room temperature, they will quickly fall apart.

Depending on the sweeteners you use, I estimate the peanut butter cups to have about 5 net carbs in each one. Again, it will depend on your serving size, and what you used to sweeten the chocolate.