8: Andrew DiMino And CJ Low Carb Respond To The Vegan Agenda Pushed At Whole Foods

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Hello and welcome back for another visit with Jimmy, Mindy and a couple of their rowdy low-carb friends! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a chair as we settle in for a chat about all things low-carb with today’s special guest friends–Andrew DiMino and CJ Low Carb!

Many of you already know Andrew, the man behind CarbSmart, supplying low-carb goodies to the world for many years now. Joining him on the Virtual Porch this week is a low-carb blogger who goes by the moniker CJ Low Carb and she has quite the story to tell about her eye-popping low-carb weight loss success. Listen in as they dish on their own personal stories that led them to healthy low-carb living, opine on the move by Whole Foods to push a vegan agenda in their stores, CJ’s “smiley burger” concept and so much more in this fast-paced half-hour episode of your favorite new podcast.

Don’t miss out on another great visit on our Virtual Porch with all of our low-carb friends!

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2 thoughts on “8: Andrew DiMino And CJ Low Carb Respond To The Vegan Agenda Pushed At Whole Foods

  1. My beautiful son has been a low-carber for nearly 4 years, after having an “Epiphany” following a bad reaction to Red Bull. He has reduced his ADHD symptoms and is a happy, productive young adult, quite the contrast to the teenager who was nearly destroyed by a poor diet and ADHD medications. He works at Whole Foods, which can be a challenge, but he has been there a year and enjoys being able to get a discount on his healthy meats and produce. He was excited to be eligible for the health profile that would perhaps qualify him for a larger discount. He is quite slender, (in spite of a serious family history of insulin-resistance and weight issues) and his other tests came out as “gold star” (I think that is what they call meeting their definition of optimal). Except —- his LDL was 113. Horrors! That one reading disqualified him from receiving their discount. He told me this story while on the phone in the break room, and mentioned that there was a poster behind him that talked the ratio of LDL and HDL being more significant. With an HDL of 65, his ratio was certainly more than acceptable. He was really bumbed out, but wise enough not to change his diet.
    He enjoys working at Whole Foods, except for that experience, and apparently doesn’t get hassled too much with their propaganda. He does take advantage of the opportunity to help customers who express concern about carb content. He has said “well, my mom is a long term low-carber, and she would not eat this item.”
    So, it’s nice to have a “mole” working on the inside 🙂

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