7: Brian Cormier and Holly O’Brien Johnson Join In On The ‘Big Fat Debate’

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Welcome back to the Virtual Porch for another gabtastic episode of Low-Fat Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends!

Today Canadian low-carb blogger Brian “Low-Carb Dude” Cormier and American low-carb blogger Holly “Low-Carb Shrink” Johnson join Mindy and Jimmy for tea and a chat while talking about their favorite dishes, clothing sizes, getting your family on board with the low-carb message and much, much more! Come on in and make yourself at home.

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Brian Cormier’s “Low-Carb Dude” blog
Holly Johnson’s “Low-Carb Shrink” blog
Kristin Wartman’s “Big Fat Debate” column
Brian’s “Low-Carb Almond Pancakes” recipe
Brian’s “To-Die-For Low-Carb Maple Hazelnut Butter Fudge” recipe

2 thoughts on “7: Brian Cormier and Holly O’Brien Johnson Join In On The ‘Big Fat Debate’

  1. It would be nice if you placed a link or list of the low carb recipe books that you mentioned during the episode…..I’m having trouble remembering what they were.

    • Was there a specific name or author you remember…I’ll try to help. The main ones I think we discussed were Dana Carpender, Judy Barnes Baker, Linda Genaw’s Low-Carb Recipes web site, and Jan McCracken. Hope this helps and thanks for listening! 🙂

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