62: Kaleigh Laventure And Dr. Rakesh Patel Respond To The ‘We Are Hungry’ Viral YouTube Video

62: Kaleigh Laventure And Dr. Rakesh Patel Respond To The ‘We Are Hungry’ Viral YouTube Video

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You know we’ve got a fantastic show in store for you today in Episode 62 of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends! This is the place where your enthusiastic co-hosts Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie chime in on the various health headlines of the day presenting an alternative perspective with opinions from our friends in the low-carb and Paleo communities. We are thrilled to bring to you this LISTENER-SUPPORTED podcast on Fridays thanks to the incredible generosity of the people who enjoy this show the most. THANK YOU for the support that so many of you who have helped us keep “Low-Carb Conversations” going and we invite you to make a donation if you want to contribute to the continuation of this weekly podcast. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who listens, donates and shares this podcast with family and friends each and every week.

Today we have an excellent panel of guest friends joining Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie with the amazing Kaleigh Laventure from “The Paleo Angel” blog and the expertise of Dr. Rakesh “Rocky” Patel from the “Arizona Sun Prevention Center.” Listen in as our distinguished panel takes on some current health headlines, including the recent “We Are Hungry” viral YouTube video by Kansas students protesting calorie limits on public school lunches, the “snack” solution proposed by the USDA for those “hungry” kids, a low-carb diabetic success story told to eat more carbs by his doctor, a pro-Paleo Men’s Health Magazine column, what the real importance of LDL cholesterol is for people on a low-carb diet, Rocky’s blog post about LDL-P and Kaleigh’s story about how intermittent fasting was ineffective for her. Plus, don’t miss Kaleigh’s Paleo Pumpkin Doughnuts recipe she shares at the end of the show. Now it’s time to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

Here’s the “We Are Hungry” YouTube video discussed in this episode:



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