3: Karen Rysavy Joins In On The Low-Carb Fun

3: Karen Rysavy Joins In On The Low-Carb Fun

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Welcome back to the Virtual Porch for another gabtastic episode of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends!

Today, co-hosts Jimmy Moore and Mindy Noxon Iannotti are joined by low-carb author and blogger Karen Rysavy as they talk about all sorts of low-carb advice and gossip, including that recent column extolling the virtues of eating carbs as well as Karen’s fabulous low-carb resource web site called “Truly Low Carb.” Don’t miss a special recipe from Karen’s kitchen, too! THANK YOU for listening to our new podcast and we look forward to being up on iTunes in the next couple of weeks.

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Karen’s low-carb journey
Karen’s “Truly Low Carb” web site
“8 reasons carbs help you lose weight”
Karen’s “Savory Parmesan Puffs” recipe
Karen’s low-carb “Whoopie Pie” recipe

  • I enjoyed the podcast, thank you! I will try those parmesan puffs, they sound delicious. I just read Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat book and it’s the first “diet book” I’ve read that actually makes sense. I am just beginning my low carb diet to get rid of my muffin top 🙂 Blessings!

    • THANKS for your feedback and for listening, Joanna! We’re here to help you if you have any questions, so be sure to submit your questions for us anytime.

  • KimH

    I really enjoyed listening to this lowcarb conversation. Karen impressed me many years ago with her story and her website is one I truly call my TrulyLowCarb home online!

    Thanks, Im looking forward to listening to your other conversations!

    • We appreciate it, Kim! If you have any questions for our future guests, feel free to send ’em on! 🙂

  • Thanks Joanna & welcome! I made Karen’s Parm Puffs just last night and they were awesome! My Celiac daughter was even eating them and said, “But mom, I can’t have bread…” she couldn’t tell that they were made of eggs & cheese!

    • Oh, I am so glad to hear that, Mindy, since it can be especially tough for a teen to amend their diet.

  • Lisa

    Thanks Jimmy and Mindy for another great podcast!

  • Thanks for listening Kim & Lisa!!

  • It was great to hear from Karen! She’s been a friend of mine for years and I love anything she’s involved in. And her Whoopie Pies are AMAZING! 🙂
    Thanks for having her on the show Jimmy and Mindy!

    • Thanks Amy! I’m afraid to try the whoppie pies – I’m afraid I’d like them too much! But being a former Mainer and having lived in Amish country for years (the 2 Whoppie Pie hot spots), I HAVE to try!!