52: Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton And Dr. Michael Tremba Challenge Low-Carb Heart Disease Study

52: Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton And Dr. Michael Tremba Challenge Low-Carb Heart Disease Study

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Hey there all you wonderful people and thanks for joining us on the Virtual Porch for Episode 52 of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends! Your co-hosts Jimmy Moore and Mindy Noxon Iannotti are back from a brief two-week hiatus with a fantastic hour-long chat with two more of their fabulous friends from the low-carb community. We so enjoy doing this listener-supported podcast for you and are grateful to the countless many who have donated to help keep us on the air. If you would like to be a part of the “Low-Carb Conversations” podcast support team, then feel free to SHARE YOUR DONATION of any amount and we’ll keep pumping out informative, entertaining and educational shows for you to enjoy in the months and years to come. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Today we welcome in two incredible low-carb friends with us in nutritionist and fitness expert Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton from the “Choosing Health Now” blog as well as Mobile, AL-based relief physician Dr. Mike Tremba from the “Natural Weight Loss Truth” blog. Listen in as this prestigious panel discusses that recent British Medical Journal study claiming low-carb diets will give you a heart attack, whether eating dessert at breakfast (!) will result in weight loss, some subtle lies being put out there about the Atkins diet, the low-carb diet burns the most calories study, why fat-free dressings are completely useless to you if you put them on a salad and Diane Sanfilippo‘s excellent column challenging the notion of Paleo perfectionism. As always, Jimmy, Mindy and friends have got so much to say about these health headlines. Plus we share some recipes and cooking tips at the end to enhance your healthy low-carb lifestyle. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!

NOTE: Apologies for the slight audio issues in this episode. It turns out I had some “noise” on my line from my Internet service provider that they fixed while I was away on vacation. The newer episodes are sounding MUCH better and I appreciate you hanging in there with us through the sound problems. THANK YOU!


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Rebecca Rovay-Hazelton’s “Choosing Health Now” blog
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“No-fat dressing may cut salad benefits”
“Are you paralyzing others with Paleo Perfectionism?”
– Rebecca’s “Clam chowder, low-carb style!” recipe
– Rebecca’s “Cheesy Chicken Pot Pie” recipe

  • Jillm

    Thanks for this great episode. An easy salad dressing is blue vein cheese mashed through sour cream. If you want a sad story take a look at the booklet from the Australian Diabetes Council: Diabetes and a Healthy Heart. It should be called: “You don’t have diabetes yet? We can help you get it.”

  • Doctorc90

    No! Don’t eat the Burger King Whopper. Their food is really unsanitary. Got food poisoning there several years ago and almost died from it.