40: Laura Caruso And Crystal Fieldhouse Talk Chicken McNuggets, Weight Watchers & ‘Healthy’ School Lunches

40: Laura Caruso And Crystal Fieldhouse Talk Chicken McNuggets, Weight Watchers & ‘Healthy’ School Lunches

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We’re excited to have our low-carb friends Laura Caruso and Crystal Fieldhouse joining us for a gabfest about the health headlines of the day on the Virtual Porch in Episode 40 of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends! Jimmy Moore and Mindy Noxon Iannotti are pleased to have Laura and Crystal talk about some very interesting news stories, including Weight Watchers declaring McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets as “healthy” (nope this is NOT a joke!), how to make REAL chicken nuggets without all the garbage and made from real chicken (imagine that!), Weight Watchers spokesman Charles Barkley not taking the diet plan too seriously, and students in the Los Angeles Unified School District roundly rejecting the “healthy” school lunches they have been served. Oh, we’ve got so much to talk about these news stories as well as some recipes and other fun stuff in store for you. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about it!

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Laura Caruso
Crystal Fieldhouse’s “Eat. Sleep. Move” blog
“McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets branded ‘healthy’ by Weight Watchers”
REAL “Chicken Nuggets” by Maria Emmerich
“Even Spokesman Charles Barkley Isn’t Taking Weight Watchers Too Seriously”
“LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu”


Easy Egg Pancakes by Crystal Fieldhouse
3x free range eggs
1x handful of berries (your choice), I mix it up between blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, sometimes I will use a 1/2 a mashed banana
1/2 an avocado
mixed lettuce or greens
2 pan-sized sheets of baking paper

*Turn on element on to a medium setting to heat frying pan
*Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk with a fork, add berries to the mix
*Place 1 sheet of baking paper in the bottom of the pan and pour egg mixture on top
*Allow to cook till the top of the egg pancake is less-liquid and when you lift the edge of the baking paper you can see it starting to brown underneath
*Lift the baking paper out of the pan and place on a heat-proof surface, lay the other piece of baking paper over the top and flip the whole lot over.
*Remove the initial piece of baking paper (now on the top) and discard, lift the baking paper with the flipped pancake on it and put it back into the pan briefly to cook the other side
*When both sides are cooked to your satisfaction remove from the pan and top with lettuce, sliced avocado and any other leftover of your choice

This can also be rolled up like a burrito if you are in a hurry

From Laura Caruso:
Ground beef browned and mixed with various types of vegetables can be great as a one-pot meal or on top of spaghetti squash. My favorite approach to this is something Sarah Fragoso mentioned in a podcast.
Put a pound or two of grass-fed ground beef in a saucepan. Add a small head of cabbage, sliced up, and a bunch of cut-up tomatoes with the liquid (either canned or fresh tomatoes). Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until the cabbage is wilted and the beef is brown. It’s an easy meal to pack for lunches or to re-heat as a quick dinner.

  • Anonymous

    Having watched many of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution episodes, they did make an effort to re-make kid favorites into healthier versions – it wasn’t all hippie fare like hummus and quinoa (which I think is a good idea to have in the mix anyway – school is a good opportunity to introduce kids to new foods).

    It’s sad to hear they may bail out on the healthier fare. I agree that the adults need to stay in charge. The food environment in the US makes it an uphill battle to stick with real, whole foods and I believe kids (even many adults) are no match for all of the negative influences out there with regard to food choices.

    I love the “take it or leave it” saying! Short and sweet 😉

  • Anonymous

    With this ground beef recipe, do we drain the fat? I feel confused but it does sound delicious.

    • Laura Caruso

      Hi chilloften! I’ve tried draining the fat and not draining it and find that I like it better when I drain the fat. This means I tend to cook the meet most of the way, dump the meat in a colander to let most of the fat run off (but I don’t rinse it, so some of the fat stays), then add the cabbage and tomatoes. The way I shared the recipe is how I heard Sarah Fragoso describe it on a podcast, and I assume (but don’t know for sure) that she doesn’t drain the fat. I try to eat saturated fat with each meal but don’t like a whole bunch of it sticking to my cabbage as I’m eating this for leftovers, if that makes sense. I encourage you to try it both ways and see which works for you!

  • Hey guys,
    I have just posted up a video demonstrating the egg pancake flip…it is only 25 seconds long so check it out here http://youtu.be/wtnNaHlizXI