35: Lori Reed And Mike MacDonald Discuss Hormonal Weight Gain And Healthy Fats

35: Lori Reed And Mike MacDonald Discuss Hormonal Weight Gain And Healthy Fats

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Today Jimmy and Mindy welcome their friends Lori Reed and Mike MacDonald to Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends! Listen in as they talk about the role hormones plays in the up and downs of weight as well as a healthy discussion of healthy fats. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about it on the Virtual Porch for another excellent low-carb gabfest!

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“Lose Weight. Regain It. Blame Hormones?”
“The problem with healthy fats”

  • Jimmy and Mindy,
    Enjoyed the conversation today – good topics! On the topic of hormones and obesity, you two were graciously responding only to the study being discussed. If I’d been on the air I’m afraid I may have blurted out, “Well of course it’s the hormones!”.
    It sure would be nice if they came up with a study that involved both insulin and leptin at the same time. It seems we have some folks who blame insulin and some who blame leptin (for obesity) but to me it is obviously both. My suggestion is to use insulin level controls (low carb diet) to lose around 8% of your weight, maintain that for 6 months so that the leptin response will align to your new set point weight, then do another 8% drop and repeat the cycle. I call the leptin effect the “Leptin Kick” since it so rudely makes you gain your weight back if you’re not careful. I have a post on that:
    On the statin drugs becoming “off the shelf”, it is a bit scary. I stopped taking Lipitor a month before my regular Dr. visit and blood test and was quite pleased that my Dr. (who I’ve been with for decades) agreed with my decision because of my low carb weight loss and improved blood lipids. It was great being able to share that decision with him. If Lipitor was “off the shelf”, I wouldn’t have that assurance from him that I’m on the right track because I would have been self-prescribing it myself.
    Take care…

    • Anonymous

      I’d love that study.