30: Tony Federico And Marisa Peer On Cholesterol Myths And Reducing Healthcare Costs

30: Tony Federico And Marisa Peer On Cholesterol Myths And Reducing Healthcare Costs

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Welcome back as we are joined by Paleo blogger Tony Federico and British behavioral expert Marisa Peer on our Virtual Porch for another great installment of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends!

Today Jimmy and Mindy chat it up with friends Tony and Marisa about an anti-cholesterol newspaper column that repeats the same old conventional wisdom about this necessary substance in the body that really has very little to do with dietary cholesterol at all. Plus, you’ll hear them discuss Jackie Eberstein’s recent column on ways to reduce healthcare costs that everyone can implement into their lifestyle (low-carb is a BIG part of that solution, by the way!). As always, we’ve got some scrumptious low-carb recipes you WON’T want to miss at the end. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s talk!

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Caveman Cuisine: 5-Layer Bacon Bar

5 strips uncured pork bacon (cooked crispy, cooled, and dried)
3oz dark chocolate (70% cocoa or above, I used unsweetened 100% cocoa but it is not for the faint of heart)
3oz creamed coconut (Let’s Do Organic brand)
1tsp butter

In a double boiler (or with a Pyrex measuring cup suspended in a pot of boiling water by its handle) melt the chocolatewhile stirring occasionally.  Be careful not to let any water get into the mixture otherwise it will seize up.

While the chocolate melts, add your package of creamed coconut to the warm water.  As the creamed coconut heats up, you will have to knead it several times to completely soften it.

When the chocolate has completely melted and the creamed coconut is completely soft, take out a sheet of wax paper and press it into the lid of an upturned butter dish. Make sure that there is plenty of extra wax paper to ensure that nothing will get into the actually dish.  Rub the wax paper with butter to ensure that it will easily release later on.

Pour a tbsp or two of coconut butter into the mold and press in a slice of bacon. Pour a layer of chocolate over the bacon, add another layer of coconut butter, and another slice of bacon.  Repeat this process and end with a final layer of coconut butter and chocolate.  Allow the bar to chill in the refrigerator for at least 30 min.

After the bar has hardened, remove it from the mold and peel off the wax paper. Slice the bar into 4 or five hunks with a sharp knife.

Crock Pot Pork Butt (now with coconut water!)

1 5lb pork butt (I used a de-boned Boston butt)
3 cups coconut water (you can use a product like Vita Coco or get it fresh from a coconut)
Dry rub (I used a 1 to 1 mix of sea salt and black pepper with a generous pinch of cayenne)
6 cloves garlic (lightly smashed)
1 onion (chopped into large chunks)


Coat your butt with the dry rub using more or less depending on how seasoned you want the final product.  Wrap the butt in plastic wrap, put it in a large bowl so that it doesn’t leak and allow it to sit in the refrigerator overnight.

The following morning, unwrap your butt and put it into the crock pot.  Add onions, garlic, and coconut water.  Turn your crock pot to “High” and allow it to cook for 3-4 hours.  Turn the crock pot to “Low” and allow the butt to cook for another 8 hours. At this point, the meat will literally be ‘like buttah’.

Note: Do not remove the lid of the crock-pot while the pork butt is cooking, this releases steam and can compromise the cooking temperature needed to kill any bacteria in the meat.

Another Note: After you have enjoyed the meaty portion of your pork butt, leave the fatty pieces in the crock pot and turn the heat back up to low.  The fat will render out and you can pour off the liquid fat, reserving it for cooking eggs, vegetables, and other dishes.  You will end up with a solid product similar to stored bacon drippings (check out the 3FW post “Bacon Fat” for more info.)

Caveman Cuisine: Paleo Pad Thai

1 lb top round beef cut into strips
1 4oz package frozen wild caught salad shrimp (thawed)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1-2 tbsp almond butter (crunchy)
1 tbsp red Thai curry paste
1 tbsp Sriracha red chili sauce
1 tsp habanero hot sauce
2-3 tbsp full fat coconut milk (Native Forest brand)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 bunch green onions (diced)
1 tsp dried red chili flakes
1/2 head red cabbage (shredded)
1 tbsp butter


Melt 1 tbsp coconut oil over medium heat in a large saute pan or wok. Add beef. Brown the beef for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add garlic and green onions and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add shrimp, red Thai curry paste, Sriracha, hot sauce and coconut milk. Stir in almond butter. Reduce heat and let come to a low simmer.

In a separate saute pan, melt the other tbsp of coconut oil over medium heat. Add shredded cabbage and stir, cooking for ~10 minutes.

When cabbage has softened, plate 1/2 the cabbage and top with 1/2 of the pad Thai mixture.

Spinach Parma and Basil Frittata

made with oil (not milk or butter) served with salad, olives and any green vegetables
4oz Parma (prosciutto) ham
3tsp olive oil
I onion chopped
I chopped garlic clove
6 eggs
Small bunch fresh basil torn
Medium bunch of spinach torn

Heat one tbs of olive oil in an ovenproof frying pan and cook one onion and one garlic clove finely chopped for 2-3 minutes or until softened.

Beat 6 eggs in a large bowl and season with salt and peppers. Stir in the onions and garlic, spinach, basil and Parma ham.

Preheat grill on high heat. Wipe out the frying pan and add a little oil. Heat over medium heat then pour in the egg mixture. Cook for 5-6 minutes or until almost set. Grill for 2-3 minutes or until golden, then slide gently out of the pan and cut into wedges to serve.

You can make a breakfast frittata with Parma ham and mushrooms or bacon and onions

You can make them for lunch or dinner with prawns (shrimp), smoked salmon, courgettes (zucchini), leeks, spring onions, olives and any other veggies you choose.

A Special Dinner

For a special dinner put a chicken in a casserole dish cover with fresh coriander add a tin of coconut milkand a little curry powder and turmeric or lemongrass and some baby green peppers . Roast the chicken and alongside in a tray roast some scallions, peppers and artichokes (once roasted they taste just like roast potatoes) also in  base of coconut milk. 5 mines before the end of cooking add more fresh coriander to the chicken. I cook it until it is caramelized and the coconut milk is almost cooked away, you may prefer to keep the coconut milk as sauce in which case add half the tin at the beginning and the other half 15 mins before the end of cooking.

Cooking salmon and sweet potatoes in a base of coconut milk is also lovely and coconut milk and oil are so pure they are the only oil cancer suffers are advised to cook with.

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