246: Robyn Johnson and Lisa Kara on Moderation and Diet Avocados

246: Robyn Johnson and Lisa Kara on Moderation and Diet Avocados

Robyn Johnson, Integrative Nutritionist and Registered Dietician Nutritionist from Kansas City and Lisa Kara, certified yoga instructor and a health foodie extraordinaire from Zinc Nutrition joins Leah and Kara this week for Episode 245 of “Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson and Kara Halderman”.

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Sit back, relax and listen with some avocado toast while Leah and Kara talk with health experts on the latest health headlines!

The totally unsexy path to healthy eating (and why we’re not following it)

Someone has gone and invented diet avocados

Learn more about Robyn’s amazing turn around from guttate psoriasis through functional nutrition and Lisa’s bio-individual approach to her thriving practice in Los Angeles.

Lisa, Robyn, Kara and Leah discuss an article surrounding moderation, that proposes moderation is the true key to health and success. But with so many different views on what eating “moderately” means, how can that be true? The main points from the article are: extreme diets create all or nothing mentality and unhealthy relationships with food easily persuade audiences. Lisa and Robyn break it all down, and discuss if moderation is truly the answer.

Ready for low fat avocados? Leah reads a shocking health headline about new avocados being sold in Spain that have 30% fat. What?! If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, head on over and listen to the response.

And remember our secret health headline