187: Jimmy And Jenna LIVE From 2016 PaleoFX Conference In Austin, TX

187: Jimmy And Jenna LIVE From 2016 PaleoFX Conference In Austin, TX

A special LIVE recording from the 2016 PaleoFX conference in Austin, Texas featuring lots of guest friends from the floor of the show along with our hosts Jimmy Moore and Jenna The Paleo PA today in Episode 187 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore, Jenna The Paleo PA & Friends!”


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It’s another fun-filled Friday for you here on this listener-supported podcast dedicated to highlighting the latest health headlines with educated opinions from people in the low-carb, Paleo, primal, real food community. Do you like what you hear on this weekly podcast? Help keep us on the air by CLICKING HERE to make a donation of any amount to help us towards that goal. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Controversial billboard aims to stop people from eating eggs
In today’s episode, our hosts Jimmy Moore and Jenna Lightfoot (aka Jenna The Paleo PA) are joined by people they met on the convention floor at the PaleoFX conference in Austin, Texas last week. They walked around and found some amazing guest friends to chime in on our featured health headlines in today’s episode. Jimmy and Jenna talk at the beginning about being at this conference and how it has changed since the first time Jenna attended.


A meatless burger that bleeds vegetable juices just debuted at Whole Foods
Listen in as Jimmy and Jenna find some amazing people to comment on today’s headlines, including the new changes coming to the food nutrition labels, experts recommending gastric bypass for treating Type 2 diabetes, why there’s really nothing special about eating breakfast, a new billboard from PCRM discouraging egg consumption because of a so-called diabetes risk, a new meatless burger that includes fake blood made out of beets, why burgers are a good source of nutrition, and a new initiative in California creating the first farm-to-table community. Now it’s time to pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s talk!


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Makeover coming for food nutrition labels
Surgery should be used to treat type 2 diabetes, say international experts
Sorry, There’s Nothing Magical About Breakfast
Controversial billboard aims to stop people from eating eggs
A meatless burger that bleeds vegetable juices just debuted at Whole Foods
Burgers are a ‘good source’ of nutrients
California builds first farm-to-table new home community

  • Bret Linford

    Hi, Jimmy and Jenna.

    Enjoyed this episode as usual! But:

    I’m a bariatric surgery patient (Roux-En-Y). I totally understand that this surgery IS extreme. But, at 52 years old with T2D, high BP, whacked cholesterol, 392lbs and having tried to lose weight through all imaginable ways I had proven unsuccessful. And, yes, I knew a lot about low-carb but was also unsuccessful at maintaining. Why? Because losing weight and getting healthy is way more than just the diet. Most heavy people have many issues to break through in order to find a successful ‘get healthy’ approach. Working through these things is the only way most of us heavy people can be successful. And our diet is only a part – not the overarching subject.

    The lady you talked to about the ‘surgery for diabetes’ question showed the public ignorance towards surgery and the reasons surgery can be part of the ‘cure’ for what is ailing us. She mentioned ‘if they have smaller stomachs, they’ll just drink sugary things’ and ‘low carb seem to work’ in lieu of surgery. Our society thinks ‘why don’t you just do this’ and you’ll get healthy? As you know, there is so much bad info our there and it has become ingrained in the mind of the public – just like LCHF/Keto is.

    Finding that ‘thing’ (low-carb, therapy, surgery, support, or a combo of things) that helps us get healthy is truly the most important thing. I NEEDED something that would give me the opportunity to change my life and get it on the right track. I had gamed ALL previous attempts at getting healthy and need this ‘extreme’ step to live. I had surgery 3/17/14 but had great ‘before-care’ AND ‘after-care’. I’ve kept checking my labs, eating LCHF, using my ‘tool’ of new digestive plumbing, getting/seeking support in my life. THIS is how I’ve been successful to this point – not just ‘eating right’. It’s way bigger than that…

    Jimmy, I know you’ve experienced the ‘regaining weight after surgery’ issue with your mom and I totally get that you’ve seen surgery be unsuccessful with her. But we’re all capable of gaming the system in whatever path we choose. I wish her the best and thank you for all the help you’ve given me personally to help me with my journey. Thanks!

    • LLVLCBlog

      THANKS for your perspective, Bret! 🙂