160: Holly Higgins And Misty Humphrey Scrutinize Coke Paying For Obesity Research

160: Holly Higgins And Misty Humphrey Scrutinize Coke Paying For Obesity Research

Keto Paleo blogger and NTP student Holly Higgins and low-carb Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator Misty Humphrey join our hosts Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie today in Episode 160 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore, Dietitian Cassie & Friends!”


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As summer begins to wind down and the kids are getting ready to go back to school again, we’re here providing weekly education through a closer examination of the latest and greatest headlines making news in the world of health. We love sharing our thoughts and ideas on what’s happening in the mainstream media that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly sometimes. Regardless, you know we will always have views for you to ponder from our hosts and our guest friends to help you respond to those who challenge you on what you believe about them. If this podcast has benefitted you in your knowledge and understanding of nutrition and health, then CLICK HERE to make a donation of any amount to give financially towards this listener-supported podcast. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


What One Can of Coke Does to Your Body in Only One Hour
In today’s episode, our co-hosts Jimmy Moore and Dietitian Cassie welcome in an inspiring blogger who gave up heavy doses of antidepressants through a ketogenic Paleo nutritional approach named Holly Higgins from “Pills To Paleo” and an amazing low-carb weight loss success story who became a Certified Holistic Nutrition Educator named Misty Humphrey from “Healthy Transitions”. Listen to Jimmy and Cassie banter a bit at the beginning about hitting podcasting milestones like Balanced Bites recently did hitting 200, Jimmy losing half of his home garden because his goddaughter didn’t water it well enough, and Arby’s promoting a new Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwiches.


8 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Bread
Listen in as Jimmy, Cassie, Holly, and Misty give their thoughts and ideas on what just one can of Coke can do to your body in an hour, a new small randomized controlled crossover study comparing a high-fat cheese, high-fat meat, and a low-fat, high-carb diet on cardiovascular risk in overweight postmenopausal women, research that shows having Type 2 diabetes damages cognitive health, an odd study that shows saturated fat found in high-carb junk foods works like a drug on the brain, a mixed bag column about what happens to your body when you stop eating bread, and the ramifications of an overabundance of sugar production. Plus, don’t miss the nutrition tips at the end. Now pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!


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Holly Higgins from “Pills To Paleo”
Misty Humphrey from “Healthy Transitions”
– SECRET HEADLINE: Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets
What One Can of Coke Does to Your Body in Only One Hour
STUDY: Diets with high-fat cheese, high-fat meat, or carbohydrate on cardiovascular risk markers in overweight postmenopausal women: a randomized crossover trial
Type 2 Diabetes May Damage Thinking Skills: Study
Junk food IS addictive: Saturated fat found in cakes, biscuits and pies has a ‘similar effect on the brain as Class A drugs’
8 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Bread
Sugar Outlook Sours as Record Crop Adds to Stockpiles

  • TeeDee

    I read that article on what happens when we stop eating bread. The ‘nutritionist’ kept saying that carbs are our body’s preferred fuel, but I thought that concept had been debunked and that our bodies prefer fat as fuel. I’m confused as to why that article was even listed on your site. I guess I’d better listen to the podcast to see if you’re going to refute that article or what. It totally pushes the idea that we NEED whole grain breads, which again, I thought had been debunked. I’m thrilled I found low carb, paleo style eating, but sometimes the information is so contradictory from site to site that I want to rip out my hair in frustration.

  • Penny Freshwater

    Where are the recipes? I do miss t see a link and that sardine salad sounds good. Thanks

    • LLVLCBlog

      They never gave us the links. You should be able to find them on their websites. THANKS for listening!

    • Penny Freshwater

      thanks, Jimmy. thus podcast is always listen to first. LLVLC is second and third. Makes my gym time fun.

      • LLVLCBlog

        AWESOME! We have fun doing this show. 😀

  • LF Gibson

    This is a good Diet Soda infographic as well!