79: Rachel Flowers And Diane Tim Discuss Eating To Fight Cancer

79: Rachel Flowers And Diane Tim Discuss Eating To Fight Cancer

Rachel Flowers of Alternefit and cardiac nurse Diane Tim join Dietitian Cassie and guest co-host/producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien today in Episode 79 of “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends!”

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As Jimmy finishes up work on his August 27, 2013 book release Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?, Cassie and Kevin welcome guest friends Rachel and Diane to the Virtual Porch as they discuss some of the latest health headlines of the day, including the deaths caused by the consumption of sugary drinks annually, how obesity is increasing despite the fact calorie consumption is falling, how nutrition can help prevent cancer, a study telling people over 75 not to worry about what they eat anymore, the difference in nutritional quality of breast milk vs. formula, anti-inflammatory foods to eat, common dieting mistakes and so much more! Now you know what to do next: pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!


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Rachel Flowers Yellow Squash Casserole

Makes 10 servings

5 lbs yellow squash
2 eggs
almond meal (optional and totally not needed, I grind my own, though, too)
4 ounces butter
1/4 cup maple syrup2 teaspoons salt (I use celtic sea salt)
2 tablespoons finely chopped onions
1 dash pepper


1. Cut the tops off the squash.
2. Cut in 3- 4 pieces.
3. Boil in water til tender (just a few minutes).
4. Drain and mash.
5. Add remaining ingredients.
6. Place in casserole dish.
7. Cover with the light layer of almond meal.
8. Bake at 350 til lightly browned (about 10- 15 minutes).

* I boiled, drained, Mashed, Drained then baked 30 mins 350F

  • John

    these might not be new to some people

    302: Dr. Thomas Seyfried: A Calorie-Restricted Ketogenic Diet Could Be The Cure For Brain Cancer


    The Obesity-Cancer Connection Panel: Metabolism, Diet and Disease conference

    much respect

  • Anne Franklin

    I have only just got to listen to this today.

    I am 74 years, 10 months old. I am not the fittest person on the block. But I am still working at being as healthy as I can possibly be.

    This is rather long for a comment but addresses the question about letting older people eat whatever.

    I decided to cut all wheat out of my diet starting New Year 2012. A few months later I read the book Wheat Belly. Initially I lost more than 25 kg in less than 6 months. Today I weigh 33 kg/72 lbs less than December 31st, 2011.

    I quote from my blog here ( http://withgodnothingisimpossible-tracker.blogspot.co.nz/ )….I have now weighed more or less the same for over six months, with small losses along the way. I tried nutritional ketosis after reading about Jimmy Moore’s successful experiment and The Art of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek. I was only partially successful but was probably a little too loose with my food ratios, particularly carbohydrates. Now that we are home and I have recovered from travelling sufficiently to take stock of where I am and where I want to be, I decided to re-read Dana Carpender’s book Fat Fast Cookbook. This book is a reasonably quick read with some good basic information and recipes which have helped me a lot.

    On Thursday I decided to give some of her ideas a try. On my third morning I am in the fat burning zone. My Keto Coffee is different but palatable. I cannot say I have been fully sated by my meals but there is probably a good reason for that. The need to keep calories low and fat high and still eat My Food means that I don’t have very many calories left for dinner. Another small glitch is that Dana used coconut milk in her Keto Coffee while I only had coconut cream in the pantry. Zillions of extra calories in coconut cream. Whatever my hunger button has been telling me these last two nights no harm has been done by eating a smaller meal in the evening. I have lost at least 1.5 kg/3.5 lbs. I know most of that is fluid and my feet are at last beginning to look normal.

    I’m not going to detail my recipes because I can think of many people who will go into shock. That would never do.

    I began each day with my version of Keto Coffee which is coconut flavoured coffee with cinnamon, unsweetened. My lunch or brunch is a smoothie I make with Greek yoghurt, frozen berries, cod liver oil, whey powder, cream and water. My evening meal has been 2 eggs on silverbeet/Swiss chard or about 100gm of meat with a small lettuce salad dressed with olive oil followed by a few almonds to munch on.

    This is a modified version of a fat fast á la Dana so I think I am safe to do this for 10 days. I do not want to be restricting calories and worrying about the ratio of macro-nutrients or measuring and weighing for any longer than that. I do want to stay in nutritional ketosis. I have noticed a definite advantage mentally when there are plenty of ketones to feed my brain. I do want my daily food menus to be sustainable long term. getting it right makes maintenance a whole lot simpler when that time comes. How cool it is to feel positive about my future being in maintenance mode rather than weight loss. I feel as though I’ve been in weight loss mode forever and that is true in a way. I first became aware of my weight as a very young child, maybe 9 years old. The crazy thing is that I was never overweight until sometime after our first child was born, in my mid twenties. It’s been an uphill struggle until now. For 63 years my weight has been an issue. For about 45 years I was a yo-yo dieter. Here’s to being in the final stages of learning how to become slim and stay that way.

    I am back to keeping track and recording stats on my Tracker/Record Blog. http://nothingisimpossibletrackrecord.blogspot.co.nz/

    end of quote. …….

    My husband and I love to travel and we managed to put together a 4 week trip to Hawaii for our Golden Wedding Anniversary. We are nothing special, no extraordinary credentials. We are not even wealthy but we are rich and I will never give up working on improving my health.

    As of today I have been on my modified fat fast, which actually has more in common with Jimmy Moore’s Nutritional Ketosis being 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fats. The big difference is I am restricting calories to 1150. That is why this is a short term plan to bust a long standing plateau. We have been home from Hawaii nearly 2 weeks. I have lost 4 kg/9 lbs. First there was a kilo or two of swelling from the heat in Honolulu to loose. The rest I have lost in 1 week and my ketone readings increased every day. I have been over 0.5 for the last 4 days.

    Don’t tell me that it’s not worth working on my health and fitness. I have a ton of living left to do. And maybe I’ll write about it in a year or so because I want people to know there is no excuse for giving in to age.

    I just wish I’d had all the information available today at my finger tips when I first became seriously interested in nutrition 40 odd years ago. Instead I suffered with ME which I now believe was a combination of stress, wheat intolerance and being a mother of four children.

    I have every intention of being slim and active and enjoying life to the max for many years to come.

    As an aside but I believe important is the knowledge that many of my generation have health issues. I have watched several friends, women in particular, suffer age related dementia and every one of them was paranoid about fat in their diet.

    I come from a family line with long-life genes so I knew that I needed to improve my health NOW and enjoy the years to come.

    Anne Franklin posting as MaegieAnne

  • Anne Franklin

    I left you a lovely, extra long comment and lost it.

    I am 74 years and 10 months old. I have a lot of living to do. For that reason I have been on a mission to improve my health and I might even write a book about it in a year or two when my goal weight is stable and other health markers are significantly changed for the better.

    I began by cutting wheat out of my diet at New Year 2012 and lost more than 25 kg/55 lbs in less than 6 months. Weight loss since has been slow.

    This last week I have been more disciplined and determined to be in nutritional ketosis and have lost about 2 kg/4.5 lbs bringing my total weight loss to 33 kg/73 lbs.

    I am not about to give up just because my 75th birthday looms. You can read more about me here



  • Ellen

    I know that I’m awfully late to the party, but I just found this podcast today. Two and a half years ago I was in a serious car accident and was sent to a nursing home (after two weeks in the hospital trauma unit) for nine months for physical therapy and care until I could be released to an apartment. My biggest and continuing fight was to get an appropriate diet. The menu is determined by “corporate” (this was the repeated excuse for their failure to give me the food I needed for my health) All menus are based on a “controlled carb” basis and the assumption that most older people have reduced appetite and a need to “maintain” weight(2200 calories/day). I felt that in reality it was based on meeting minimum state requirements at lowest possible cost with absolutely no care for residents’ health. Though I had been controlling my sugar with diet and one oral medication, while in the nursing home they tested my sugar and gave me insulin four or more times a day and doubled my thyroid medicine. I feel that this experience, plus the after-effects of the trauma from all the injuries and 6 surgeries are still having a lasting effect on my health. This is part of what has brought me to research Paleo/Primal eating and I am working towards doing better and hoping for continued healing and better health. I can’t help wondering what my situation might be if my “care” had included a healthy diet and how I am going to handle it when I have to return for recovery after further surgeries.

    But for now, I am doing the best I can to move forward. I have lost 45 pounds and am back to oral diabetes meds only (my doctor recently cut my dosage!), but seem to be stuck here. I am showing signs of severe adrenal fatigue, but have no medical insurance until I am eligible for Medicare this fall and I’m not sure my family doctor even believes in adrenal fatigue.

    I think in the long run, you need to give the choice to the patient if they are in any way capable of making it. I met some in the nursing home whose attitude was that eating what they wanted was the only pleasure in life they had left and they didn’t care if it shortened their life. Oddly the nursing home was fine with that, but refused to give me an appropriate diet.

    P.S. I breastfed my kids for a total of just under ten years. Two years and eight months of that I was tandem-nursing. So glad I did.