5: Frank Fatta And Suzan Robertson Talk About The Dukan Diet, Pork Rinds And Hash

5: Frank Fatta And Suzan Robertson Talk About The Dukan Diet, Pork Rinds And Hash

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Welcome back to our brand spankin’ new podcast, Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends, now fortified with 100% more iTunes support! WE’RE LISTED ON ITUNES NOW!!!

Please help us in welcoming today’s guests here on the Virtual Porch, low-carb blogger Suzan Robertson and banker-turned-personal trainer Frank Fatta. Sit down, grab a glass of some unsweetened iced tea, and join us for a great talk about the new “French Atkins” coming to America called The Dukan Diet, ways to eat pork rinds on your healthy low-carb lifestyle, what hash is, some delicious recipes and MORE!

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Frank Fatta’s Facebook page
Suzan Robertson’s “Suzan’s Spot” blog
The “French Atkins” Dukan Diet
Suzan’s “Simple And Easy Hash” recipe

  • My favorite Pork Rind snack consists of Pork Rinds, and Real Mayonnaise mixed with Frank’s Louisiana Hot Sauce (to taste) used as a dip. Yummy!

  • Kathy Reilly

    Suggestion for a topic:
    I try to stay at 20-30 carbs a day (for 6 years now) and struggle with the great limit that is on non-starchy vegetables. I would like to eat bigger salads with more in them but just a few onions or balsamic vinegar is enough to torpedo my carb count. Any thoughts to help me?

    • GREAT question, Kathy! Mindy and I will mark that one down for a future question for our “friends” to chime in on.

  • Vern, I’m not a hot sauce person but I bet my husband would love this concoction! Thanks for sharing!

  • YUMMERS…sans the hot sauce for me too. I don’t do well with spicy stuff! 🙂

  • April

    I can attest to how well the pork rind coating works for chicken, I make that all the time! I usually mix the crumbs with parmesan cheese and spices and bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes. I would suggest eating them fresh out of the oven, the leftovers aren’t as tasty (or be sure to reheat them in the oven to get some of that crispyness back)

    I’m really enjoying this new podcast show, Jimmy and Mindy! Thanks! 🙂

  • Laura

    We love our pork rinds too, but be sure to look out for MSG, monosodium glutimate in the ingredients list. The more traditional mexican brands tend to not have the chemical additives like the store brands. Love the show. Keep ‘um coming!

  • Who knew pork rinds would spark such a conversation!?! Thanks April & Laura for your comments!

  • Deb

    I consider myself low carb but I think <20 grams is too low. The govt guidelines are 50-60% of total calories–ridiculous. If you kept carbs at 20% that would open up veggie options without increasing sugars. Your basically on the induction permanently, which was never intended in Atkins. If you're not reaching your goal there might be other reasons…
    If you're active a total calorie allowance for the day might be 1750-2000 calories with a carb total of around 60-70 grams. I can't imagine your not being able to maintain a healthy svelte weight.

    • Well, it depends Deb. Some of us are so damaged metabolically that 20g daily might be what we have to do for the rest of our lives. It’s no biggie since you eat like a king on this way of eating, but it’s the reality for so many of us. Others can easily eat 100g carbs daily and be fine. That’s why we must all find the plan that’s right for us. Regardless, that includes limiting carbohydrates from the Standard American Diet levels. 🙂

      • Deb

        Yeah, I can see that. It’s so bizarre that members of not only the same species, but same near genetic relation can vary so greatly. My youngest is willowy, my middle is stout– they are exposed to the same foods and share the same parents (unlike their half-siblings), but they are metabolically so different. I did a count and I am actually closer to just over 30 g/day. I am type 1 diabetic “LADA” diagnosed last year and the learning curve has been steep. I scoffed at people who tried to stay under 100g, kowtowing to govt guidelines and mainstream dieticians–but I’ve had much better success keeping my insulin requirements low-necessarily meaning I have to limit carbs. Fortunately I am not insulin resistant, so I don’t have to fight THAT battle. Toughest thing is that I’m a snacker–sometimes challenging when so many snacks are sooooo carby (means I have to coooook!)