71: Jessica Kempf And Eric Schmitz Say Eating Right Is Not Just For The Rich Or Food Snobs

71: Jessica Kempf And Eric Schmitz Say Eating Right Is Not Just For The Rich Or Food Snobs

Welcome back as our new low-carb friend Jessica Kempf of the Budget For Health blog and returning friend Eric “That Nice Boy Dana Carpender Married” Schmitz of mytotalgymtransformation.com  join co-hosts Dietitian Cassie and Kevin Kennedy-Spaien.

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While Jimmy is still toiling in the salt mines, dictating his latest book to a staff of specially trained ninja scribes in Kathmandu, we’re holding down the fort here on the Virtual Porch. Our special guests this week help us talk about such scintillating subjects as:

  • Why you don’t need to be rich or snobby to eat well
  • Why you may not be able to instagram your next dining experience
  • How to make your own full-fat yogurt
  • What the heck “eating clean” may or may not mean
  • Bacorn, Kale chips and much, MUCH more!

Please note that Kevin was viciously attacked by his microphone this week. As a result, that mic had to be put to sleep. He hopes to sound better for Episode 72!


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