69: Jenny Westerkamp And Tyler Bramlett Examine The Clogged Pipes Heart Disease Analogy

69: Jenny Westerkamp And Tyler Bramlett Examine The Clogged Pipes Heart Disease Analogy

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It’s Friday again and we’re ready for another thrill-packed edition of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends in Episode 69. You’ve got your two favorite co-hosts Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie in their usual spots today for one final time before Jimmy goes off into book-writing mode for the next couple of months. While he’s away, the show must go on and Dietitian Cassie will be joined by Jimmy’s long-time podcast producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien from Disc of Light Media who interestingly was the one who got Jimmy to start podcasting to begin with. Although he doesn’t get behind the microphone very often, Kevin brings a LOAD of knowledge on the subject of healthy low-carb living after editing and producing every single minute of Jimmy’s three podcasts. You’re gonna enjoy the contributions he makes along with Cassie on the health headlines in the coming months. We are a LISTENER-SUPPORTED podcast and your donations really go a long way towards helping us continue bringing you more opinions galore in the weeks, months and years to come. If you enjoy our weekly romp through the health headlines that you hear on “Low-Carb Conversations” and want to help us out, then you can make a donation to keep us on the air throughout 2013 and beyond. THANK YOU for your support!

We’ve got two OUTSTANDING friends from the Paleo and low-carb blogging community joining us today as we welcome registered dietitian Jenny Westerkamp from “The Gen Y Nutritionist” (author of the brand new book You Are What You Retweet: 140 Social Media Rules to Eat By) and Tyler Bramlett from “Garage Warrior.” Listen in as Jimmy and Cassie talk about why low-carb diets aren’t “high-protein” despite media accounts, Panera Bread Company’s new “hidden” low-carb menu and the new Hapifork that is supposed to electronically keep you from overeating (and why this technology is probably useless). Then we get Jenny and Tyler in on the action as we discuss whether fruit and veggie eaters are really more optimistic as a recent study suggests, the validity of whether wheat is fattening or not, whether bananas should be considered the perfect food, the benefits of consuming avocados in your diet, the varying kinds of at in different parts of the body, banned ingredients that are still allowed in the American food supply, a medical doctor takes on the “clogged pipes” analogy for heart disease and Laura Schoenfeld’s fantastic column on what’s really leading us to become fat (and it’s NOT butter!). Tune in for some awesome low-carb cooking tips and so much more at the end! So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!


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  • Don in Arkansas

    Another good one, Jimmy. You guys were talking about avocados and someone commented that they were expensive. Every Wednesday, when the grocery ads come out, I check prices/sales on-line. We only have Walmart and one independent grocer here in stickville, usa but Walmart does match prices from our closest cities, both 80 miles away. 🙂 For the last 2 weeks Aldi’s has had avocados for and unbelievable 19 cents each! Also brocolli for 49 cents/# and cauliflower for 69 cents/head. I buy the first day of the ad and then re-stock on the last day just in case they are no longer on sale. It pays to do your research! Been eating sliced avocados with breakfast and guac on everything!

    • LLVLCBlog

      Wow, you’re lucky! I can get five avocados for about $4, but I’d love to get ’em for 19 cents a piece. 🙂