66: Todd Dosenberry And Kaila Prins Explain Why Food Should Not Be Your Religion

66: Todd Dosenberry And Kaila Prins Explain Why Food Should Not Be Your Religion

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We’re back refreshed and ready to take on the new year today with our first episode of 2013 in Episode 66 of Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore & Friends! Your lovable co-hosts Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie are back in their rightful place jibber-jabbering with their Paleo and low-carb online friends about the various health headlines of the day. We’re all about sharing opinions here and you’ll get a healthy dose of ’em in this podcast! Just a reminder that we are a LISTENER-SUPPORTED podcast and appreciate any donations you could send to help us keep this going. If you enjoy the weekly romp through the headlines that you hear on “Low-Carb Conversations” and want to help us out, then you can make a donation to keep us on the air throughout 2013. THANK YOU for your support!

We’re rip-roaring ready to go with an engaging hour-long conversation for you today as Jimmy and Dietitian Cassie welcome two more of their wonderful health blogging friends Todd Dosenberry from the “Primal Toad” blog and Kaila Prins from the “In My Skinny Jeans” blog. Listen in to hear them talk about a study claiming eating red meat will shave a half-hour off of your life and taking a statin drug will add it back, another study claiming the secret to weight loss really is all about cutting your fat intake, coming to a store near you–FRANKENFISH, a new study showing how statin drugs lead to MORE atherosclerosis, research demonstrating that overweight teens actually eat less calories than their thinner counterparts, why it’s tricky to try to label what “junk food” is, an Australian journalist’s journey to giving up sugar and why it’s important to keep your nutritional choices from becoming like a religion. And we’ve got two fabulous low-carb recipes to share with you from Todd and Kaila at the end of today’s show, so don’t you miss it! Now, you know what to do–pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk!


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  • Jack Yee

    Hey Jimmy – Welcome back! Great show as always! Keep up with the great work with your sincere passion to helping us all!
    ps – I hope you accept that book deal!