4: Kent Altena And Vesna Kovach Eschew The Fat?

4: Kent Altena And Vesna Kovach Eschew The Fat?

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Welcome back to the Virtual Porch for another gabtastic episode of Low-Fat Conversations with Jimmy Moore and Friends!

Today, co-hosts Jimmy Moore and Mindy Noxon Iannotti are joined by former low-carb blogger and YouTube sensation Kent “Bowulf” Altena as well as low-carb-cookbook-author-turned-vegan Vesna Kovach as they talk about all sorts of heart-healthy advice and gossip, including a recipe for fat-free bean dip with toasted whole-wheat croutons (The secret ingredient is Pam!). THANK YOU for listening to our new podcast and look for us on iTunes this weekend (or sooner!).

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Kent Altena from the “Atkins Diet Geek” blog
Vesna Kovach from the “How To Cook With Vesna” blog
Kent’s “Cinnabon” Sweet Rolls recipe
Kent’s “Bowulf” YouTube channel
Vesna’s “How To Cook Steak” tutorial

  • Lisa

    “The secret ingredient is Pam!”

    This was great…now I’m off to find some grass seeds for supper! 😉

    • Lisa – you have to have a good sense of humor to listen to THIS podcast!! Don’t forget to put some fat free dressing on your seeds 😉

  • Okay, this is hilarious!

  • Can’t believe we kept it up for over 6 minutes.

    • I could hardly keep from laughing!

      • We all tried keeping a straight face! 😉

  • Wow,u got me. I was ticked off. Couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

    • HAHAHAHAHA! Mission accomplished, Julie. 😀

  • Cameo

    War of the Worlds, much? 😉

  • Dana Patterson

    OOOh, boy! I wondered how long you could go on and on and on. Very funny. Love your podcasts, but you are keeping me up at night listening to them in bed to catch up. (Just found you recently).

  • ken

    A great broadcast! The April Fool’s Hall of Fame has a new inductee.

  • Darlene Brown

    Kent! OMG! I was getting concerned there. I was ready to message you…
    Excellent podcast all…

  • OK, fun and games over! Time to get serious (NOT!) Glad so many laughed along!